Author: Clarissa Hirst

Parents: Save Bucketloads This Summer by Hosting a Cambio for Your Kids

Ah, the summer holidays. When the family is all together, the sun is shining, and the days are warm and long. And the wallets are feeling pretty empty… Having your kids at home over the summer is a welcome change, but if you’re a working parent then it can also be tough. You need to Read More

How Becoming a Homestay Host Will Combat Your Post-Travel Blues

Have you just returned home after an eye-opening, life-changing experience travelling abroad? Perhaps you embarked on a six month-long backpacking trip through South America, a culturally immersive volunteering stint in Asia, or a working holiday in the UK. Whatever it is you did, chances are you’re probably wishing you were still there: In a place where you’re Read More

Of Fire and Fairytales: Celebrating Walpurgis Night

On the evening of the 30th of April, many towns and cities in Central and Northern Europe come alive with spectacular bonfires, choral concerts and some pretty crazy antics led by university students. Haven’t heard of it? Well, it’s time to mark it in your calendar because you’re missing out on one of the biggest parties of the Read More

7 Benefits of Becoming a Homestay Host

For some of us, the thought of inviting a stranger into our home and opening up our lives to them can seem terrifying. A person from another country who speaks a different language, thinks in a different way and doesn’t share the same cultural values – it’s completely understandable that we’d be a little hesitant at first. Read More

8 Ways To Become A Savvier Packer

On a cambio the hassle of finding your way around a new city is sorted, as the locals you stay with know your destination inside and out. Unfortunately some anxieties remain – like packing your suitcase before you depart. Maybe you’re one of those people who likes to pack everything and the kitchen sink… Image Read More

4 Ways to Spend Leap Day

The 29th of February this year is a Leap Day – that extra day that’s added to our calendars every 4 years to balance out the earth’s rotations around the sun. Due to its infrequent occurrence, this day has given rise to some strange traditions and gloomy superstitions. Here are 3 suggestions for what you can Read More

GoCambio’s Comprehensive Guide to the Sharing Economy

Something incredible is underway that is transforming the way in which we do business on a scale unparalleled. It’s breaking down borders and building global communities by connecting people from all over the world. It’s helping to breathe life back into discarded objects and spaces. It’s environmentally-friendly, it’s cost-effective (sometimes even free) and it’s expanding Read More

Get to Know our Members: Cindy

Cindy is a bright and ambitious young woman from Peru who wants to improve her English so that she can study at a foreign university and add to her impressive skill set! Here, she shares what makes her an awesome host (she treats her guests like family), some tips about what to see in Peru (it’s Read More

4 European Cities and Towns to Visit This Year

Cambioing is all about authentic travel experiences and we are firm believers in off the beaten track, one-of-a-kind encounters that you won’t find in a typical tourist guidebook. While we love cities like Dublin, Krakow, Rome and Paris, it’s when staying in the smaller cities and towns that you will find the local experiences that Read More

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