Author: Clarissa Hirst

5 February Festivities You Must Experience

In February, celebrations around the world are all about food, fire and festivals! From indulging in buttery goodies in the Northern Hemisphere to parading in the warm summer air in Brazil, there’s plenty to keep you in the festive mood even after Christmas is over. Here are some of our favourite February festivities! 1. Candlemas Read More

Socialising With Your Guest: Top Activities To Do

A cambio is all about having fun with learning. From going jetskiing to dining out, visiting a museum to simply hanging out with a group of friends, there’s so many things that you can do with your Guest. Your time spent socialising can also be part of your skills exchange, as we encourage our Guests to make learning fun! The activities you choose will depend on what you Guest is interested in and what there is to do in your local area. Here are a few of our suggestions: Read More

How Doing a Cambio Will Help Your Career

The experience you have on a cambio is priceless. The memories and friendships that you make will last a lifetime. But there are other benefits to doing a cambio that you may not have considered! Read More

The Importance of Cultural Sensitivity

When you travel to a foreign country there are certain unspoken rules that you need to respect in order to respect the traditions of the people who live there. On a cambio, you are staying in someone’s home, so it is even more important to display cultural sensitivity. If you’re thinking about going on a cambio, then you’re likely the sort of person who is willing to look at the world in new ways, so the idea of cultural sensitivity shouldn’t be new to you. But if going on a cambio is your first real travel experience, then here’s why being accepting of another’s values and beliefs is so important. Read More

Why Age Is Not a Barrier to Cambio

The GoCambio philosophy is that every person has something to share with others. Here at GoCambio we are all about authentic travel experiences, and there’s nothing more authentic than an exchange of knowledge between two people, no matter how young or old they are. Read More

Get to Know Our Members: Janosch

At GoCambio, our Hosts and Guests inspire us and make us smile every day! We thought it would be a shame to keep the awesome people who use GoCambio all to ourselves, so we want to introduce you to some of them. Read More

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