Author: Emma Power

Hey Babe, Take A Walk On The Wild Side: 5 Unique Travel Destinations in the United States

Guest Paloma proved there’s more to the USA than New York on an exciting three month cambio in the Rockies. Instead of doing the typical touristy ‘checklist’ holiday, she left Madrid for Evergreen, Colorado, and taught her Host family – the Pedens – basic photography through her native Spanish. During her stay with the Pedens, Read More

Thinking Made Visual: 10 Guests Who Can Teach You Design

“Earth without art is just eh.” – Anonymous   I love designers. They take whatever confusing idea I have in my head, and with a few clicks (and a lot of coffee) it’s right there on my screen, even better than I imagined. Designers are miracle workers with endless patience and I owe Ciara, GoCambio’s Read More

We are Family: International Day of Families 2016

“Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!” – Albert Einstein This May 15, we celebrated our nearest and dearest on International Families Day 2016! With a theme of families, healthy lives and sustainable future, every year the International Day of Families has inspired a series of awareness events around the world, providing Read More

Time to Dig Out Your Wellies: 6 of The Coolest Music Festivals to Experience this Summer

There’s a thumping bass tight in your chest, and your heart pounds against your ribcage in time to the music; you feel the blood pumping all over your body, coursing through your veins, throbbing with energy. A high-pitched, swelling ringing in your ears sends electric waves of vibration, making your eardrums positively hum. Out of Read More

Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads: Virtual Reality in the Travel Industry

You know, Back to the Future ll has a lot to answer for. By now, I was expecting to pop on my self-lacing shoes and self-drying jacket before casually commuting to work in a self-flying car, ready to see what my futuristic day had to offer. With these hypothetical mornings in mind, I have to Read More

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