Author: Tiziana Volpe

Top Tips for a Cambio in Mexico

Mexico is a destination known for its delicious food and colourful culture. Our Business Developer Tiziana spent a year working as a TEFL teacher in Mexico. If anyone knows how to make the most of your time on a cambio in Mexico, it’s her! Here she shares some inside tips on how to get an immersive Read More

6 Steps to Falling in Love with Lyon When on a Cambio

Lyon, best known as the capital of gastronomy and – once a year – lights. Its famous “Fête des Lumières” (festival of lights) is the perfect time to experience the real essence of France, with all its charm! Read More

5 Tips for Designing Skills Sessions on Your Cambio

You’re ready to leave on your cambio and you can’t wait to meet your host and visit a new city…but at the same time you can’t help feeling nervous because, let’s face it, you might not have ever taught anything before! Read More

Woman travelling alone with a backpack

5 Raisons pour une femme de voyager seule

J’avais seulement 12 ans quand je suis partie pour la première fois seule en voyage. Bien sûr ce n’était pas un vrai voyage en solo, puisque quelqu’un m’attendait à l’aéroport, et que mes journées étaient organisées entre cours d’anglais le matin et quelques visites touristiques typiques l’après-midi. Read More

Woman travelling alone with a backpack

5 Reasons Why Women Should Travel Solo

I was just 12 when I went on my first trip on my own. Of course it wasn’t real solo travel, as someone was waiting for me at the airport, and my days were organized so that I would have my English classes in the morning and some typical tourist stuff in the afternoons. But none of my friends or family came with me, and for the first time I felt that amazing sensation of excitement, freedom, fulfillment and happiness that only a solo trip will ever give you! It was during those two weeks that I decided from that moment on, solo travel would play a big part in my life. And it has. I’m 25 now, and at least twice a year I leave for a new and exciting adventure with the best travel buddy: myself! So, here are my five top reasons why women should travel solo… Read More