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How to Use Your Writing Skills to Travel for Free

Being able to write has its uses. Reaching the word count in college assignments isn’t as draining for writers as it is for the more visually-geared classmates (well, most of the time, anyway). Sending a difficult email to the boss? Stress level reduced approximately 40% when you know how to communicate your thoughts in a compelling, polite way. And sometimes – Read More

Happy Feet: Travel Shoes 101

Shoes can make or break your travels. (Trust me – I worked in footwear retail for four years. I know my shoes). You don’t want to be limping down the Champs-Élysées in Paris from a pair of poorly chosen ballet pumps, or sweating in a clammy pair of hiking boots at a temple in Southeast Read More

GoCambio’s Ultimate Travel Playlist

The best travel songs are not necessarily about travel. They evoke certain emotions in us and accompany us as trusty companions along our journey. Sometimes, you’ll be sitting at a cafe in your home town and a song will come on that takes you back to a night spent beneath the stars in the Australian Read More

Parents: Save Bucketloads This Summer by Hosting a Cambio for Your Kids

Ah, the summer holidays. When the family is all together, the sun is shining, and the days are warm and long. And the wallets are feeling pretty empty… Having your kids at home over the summer is a welcome change, but if you’re a working parent then it can also be tough. You need to Read More

How Becoming a Homestay Host Will Combat Your Post-Travel Blues

Have you just returned home after an eye-opening, life-changing experience travelling abroad? Perhaps you embarked on a six month-long backpacking trip through South America, a culturally immersive volunteering stint in Asia, or a working holiday in the UK. Whatever it is you did, chances are you’re probably wishing you were still there: In a place where you’re Read More

8 Ways To Become A Savvier Packer

On a cambio the hassle of finding your way around a new city is sorted, as the locals you stay with know your destination inside and out. Unfortunately some anxieties remain – like packing your suitcase before you depart. Maybe you’re one of those people who likes to pack everything and the kitchen sink… Image Read More

Cambio Safety Tips for Guests

GoCambio takes safety very seriously, and while the likelihood of things going wrong is low, we want to make sure that all of our guests are prepared in case something does happen. Here are some tips to ensure that both you and your host feel secure during the cambio so that you can focus on spending quality time Read More

Cambio Safety Tips for Hosts

Your cambio will most likely go smoothly, but GoCambio takes safety very seriously. We want all of our hosts to be well prepared for the unlikely event of an emergency. Here are our tips for how to minimise the risk that things go wrong and ensure that both you and your guest feel comfortable and secure Read More

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