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5 February Festivities You Must Experience

In February, celebrations around the world are all about food, fire and festivals! From indulging in buttery goodies in the Northern Hemisphere to parading in the warm summer air in Brazil, there’s plenty to keep you in the festive mood even after Christmas is over. Here are some of our favourite February festivities! 1. Candlemas Read More

Why Limoges is the Place To Be for Your Next Cambio

Are you the kind of person who is looking for a city full of art and history, with high quality food, a low cost of living and a view of the beautiful French countryside? If you answered yes, Limoges is the place to go for your next cambio! Let’s find out why… Read More

6 Steps to Falling in Love with Lyon When on a Cambio

Lyon, best known as the capital of gastronomy and – once a year – lights. Its famous “Fête des Lumières” (festival of lights) is the perfect time to experience the real essence of France, with all its charm! Read More

5 of Japan’s Best-Kept Secrets

With a historic and vibrant culture, Japan offers much to visitors from abroad. We were lucky enough to get the inside scoop from our Japanese Country Manager Shunichi on five of the best-kept secrets in Japan. Temples, castles, volcanoes and furry creatures – Japan has them all. Be sure to write these down!   Read More

Why Chocolate Lovers Should Cambio in Japan!

At the GoCambio offices, we’re infamous for our love of chocolate. Biscuits, truffles, squares, triangles, fountains, cakes and of course bars; we have had them all! So when our Japan Country Manager Shunichi told us about all the different varieties of the humble KitKat in his native Japan, we just had to know more! What he told us confirmed our suspicion — chocolate lovers need to cambio in Japan (and sample the many flavors of KitKat!). Read More

Travelling to Germany: Are the Clichés True?

Ever wondered how many people holiday in Germany? A whopping 424 million in 2014! The popularity of Germany as a travel destination has shot up in the past few years. Read More

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8 Things You Need to Know About Cambioing in Taiwan

If you’re thinking of heading off for a cambio in Taiwan any time soon, these are eight things you need to know (from a native Taiwan citizen)! These tips will help you better understand your Host and take full advantage of your time in the country. Read More

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