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Midsummer: the Northern European Festival You Wish You Celebrated At Home

Until a few years ago, I didn’t really get the whole obsession with summer. Warm weather, sunshine, the beach – for a Sydneysider, these things are just a part of daily life – all year round. Our idea of cold is 18 degrees plus celsius. But here in Scandinavia, where winters can plummet to -20 Read More

We are Family: International Day of Families 2016

“Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!” – Albert Einstein This May 15, we celebrated our nearest and dearest on International Families Day 2016! With a theme of families, healthy lives and sustainable future, every year the International Day of Families has inspired a series of awareness events around the world, providing Read More

Time to Dig Out Your Wellies: 6 of The Coolest Music Festivals to Experience this Summer

There’s a thumping bass tight in your chest, and your heart pounds against your ribcage in time to the music; you feel the blood pumping all over your body, coursing through your veins, throbbing with energy. A high-pitched, swelling ringing in your ears sends electric waves of vibration, making your eardrums positively hum. Out of Read More

INTERVIEW: How You Can Learn About French Language and Culture Through Drama

Have you ever thought about drama as a way to learn a new language & culture? At GoCambio, we believe that learning a language should be varied and FUN! Many people tell us frustrating stories of their experiences learning a foreign language. Have you been learning French for 6 years but still don’t know your Read More

Of Fire and Fairytales: Celebrating Walpurgis Night

On the evening of the 30th of April, many towns and cities in Central and Northern Europe come alive with spectacular bonfires, choral concerts and some pretty crazy antics led by university students. Haven’t heard of it? Well, it’s time to mark it in your calendar because you’re missing out on one of the biggest parties of the Read More

GoCambio at the Entrepreneur Experience 2016

On Friday 15th and Saturday 16th April 2016, GoCambio’s co-founder Ian O’Sullivan and Managing Director Rosie Mansfield took part in the Entrepreneur Experience organised by CorkBIC, an event that brings emerging and experienced entrepreneurs together for 24 hours of intensive learning, exchange, inspiring presentations, seminars, one-on-one sessions, and of course a whole bunch of fun! Read More

Orange Fever: King’s Day Celebrations in the Netherlands

They say orange is the new black – at least, that’s what I’ve heard – so it’s time to embrace the phenomenona of oranjegekte (orange craze) or oranjekoorts (orange fever)! The traditional colour of the Dutch monarchy (the House of Orange-Nassau) and the symbol of patriotism in the Netherlands, you can get your costume together Read More

1-2-Tree: Earth Day 2016

“Our cosmic oasis, cosmic blue pearl, the most beautiful planet in the universe.” At GoCambio HQ, we care about our earth. And we admire big movements, especially those that strive to accomplish great goals for our little planet. With more than 10,000 members in 120 countries, GoCambio aims to make the world a bit smaller and a bit Read More

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