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Mouth-watering Memories: My Most Unforgettable Street Food Encounters

Many of my most memorable travel experiences – the ones that make me laugh, cringe, gasp and wax nostalgic – have involved food. Good food brings me great joy in life, both for the assault on the senses that I get to experience, and the way in which it brings people together. I love a good hotel Read More

11 Italian Expressions You Won’t Find in a Phrase Book

You know how to cook a mean spaghetti carbonara, can put an Italian-born sommelier to shame, and you know everything there is to know about Julius Caesar that you feel as if you were actually born in Ancient Rome. The only thing missing is…you don’t speak a word of Italian. You could buy yourself a phrase book Read More

How to Speak Irish English

If you’re visiting Ireland this Paddy’s Day (or maybe just your local Irish pub!) then be prepared; the craic will be 90, everyone will be throwing shapes and make sure you don’t act the maggot or else you’ll just make a hames of the night. Still following? No? Thank goodness you found us then! For such Read More

10 French Expressions You Won’t Find in a Phrase Book

A French phrase book can teach you how to order a croissant or find your way to ‘la gare’ (the train station) but it’s only by talking to locals that you’ll learn how people really express themselves. Prepare for your upcoming trip to France by hosting a French guest and practicing some of these phrases Read More

10 German Expressions You Won’t Find in a Phrase Book

In every language you’ll find a few expressions that native speakers are used to but sound a little bit odd to other people. The German language can sometimes be seen as a bit rude, but after reading these phrases you’ll realise how funny the German language can be! Surely a few of these will make you smile. Here are 10 Read More

9 Spanish Expressions You Won’t Find in a Phrase Book

  Planning a trip to Spain soon? Inviting a Spanish-speaking visitor into your home is a great way to prepare some basic phrases for communication in Spanish. A phrase book will teach you how to order a meal and find the train station, but there are some expressions that you can only learn from the locals. Read More

5 February Festivities You Must Experience

In February, celebrations around the world are all about food, fire and festivals! From indulging in buttery goodies in the Northern Hemisphere to parading in the warm summer air in Brazil, there’s plenty to keep you in the festive mood even after Christmas is over. Here are some of our favourite February festivities! 1. Candlemas Read More

Why Limoges is the Place To Be for Your Next Cambio

Are you the kind of person who is looking for a city full of art and history, with high quality food, a low cost of living and a view of the beautiful French countryside? If you answered yes, Limoges is the place to go for your next cambio! Let’s find out why… Read More

6 Steps to Falling in Love with Lyon When on a Cambio

Lyon, best known as the capital of gastronomy and – once a year – lights. Its famous “Fête des Lumières” (festival of lights) is the perfect time to experience the real essence of France, with all its charm! Read More

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