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10 Guests Who Can Teach You Italian

Are you a food lover with a penchant for pizza, risotto or spaghetti? Perhaps you’re a history nut who loves learning about all the ancient gods and goddesses and architectural wonders? Or maybe you’ve simply fallen in love with the way the Italian language sounds. We wouldn’t blame you – you certainly wouldn’t be the first! In exchange for offering Read More

Get to Know our Members: Cindy

Cindy is a bright and ambitious young woman from Peru who wants to improve her English so that she can study at a foreign university and add to her impressive skill set! Here, she shares what makes her an awesome host (she treats her guests like family), some tips about what to see in Peru (it’s Read More

Get to Know Our Members: Yong Moon

This week we’re talking to Moon, a new GoCambio member from South Korea. After quitting his job as an Aquarist to travel the world, he ended up in Ireland. He’s a cheerful guy with a passion for the environment, his home country and being a GoCambio Host of course! Read More

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Get to Know Our Members: Alice

Are you looking for an experienced English teacher to host on a cambio? Connect with Alice and learn more about her experience in this member interview: Read More

Get to Know Our Members: Namie

At GoCambio we love discovering new user’s profiles and today we want to share an interview we had with Namie, a fantastic Host from Japan, who is looking to practice and improve her Spanish language skills. She loves cooking Japanese food and is ready to introduce Guests to the incredible Japanese culture! Here’s a bit more about what we learned from Namie: Read More

Get to Know Our Members: Janosch

At GoCambio, our Hosts and Guests inspire us and make us smile every day! We thought it would be a shame to keep the awesome people who use GoCambio all to ourselves, so we want to introduce you to some of them. Read More

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