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60 Things To Do in Cork City: An Insider’s Guide

Known as the ‘real’ capital of Ireland, Cork did its residents proud when it was featured in Lonely Planet’s 2010 Top 10 ‘Best in Travel’. It meant the whole world knew at last what we’d been saying for years; there’s no place quite like The People’s Republic of Cork. As well earning the title European Read More

How to start the New Year with a new you (and do it for free on a cambio)

Every New Year brings a freshness to the air and a 12-month long blank canvas. It’s the perfect time to plan your dreams and challenges for the year ahead. Whether you prefer to stick post-its to your fridge with New Year’s resolutions or launch into spring cleaning your house from top to bottom; it’s your chance for a new start, a do-over, a clean slate. But where to begin? Cambioing as a Host or Guest will be a killer way to put a big tick against so many personal goals like travel, experiencing new cultures, improving language skills or learning a new talent – without the price tag. Read More