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7 Benefits of Becoming a Homestay Host

For some of us, the thought of inviting a stranger into our home and opening up our lives to them can seem terrifying. A person from another country who speaks a different language, thinks in a different way and doesn’t share the same cultural values – it’s completely understandable that we’d be a little hesitant at first. Read More

8 Ways To Become A Savvier Packer

On a cambio the hassle of finding your way around a new city is sorted, as the locals you stay with know your destination inside and out. Unfortunately some anxieties remain – like packing your suitcase before you depart. Maybe you’re one of those people who likes to pack everything and the kitchen sink… Image Read More

Meet Our Team: Tiziana

We’ve got some pretty awesome people working for us at GoCambio HQ in Youghal, County Cork. Our team is incredibly diverse, with our colleagues coming from places as far apart as Korea and Spain, Japan and Sweden. We recently had to say farewell our go-getting, globe-trotting Business Developer Tiziana as she embarks on new adventures. But Read More

Holi Fest: An Asian Welcome to Spring

So I’m sure we are all aware that spring is upon us. We have all delved into our spring cleans, and every second person is struggling not to break their lent of not eating too many dairy milk bars. Thus it’s inevitable to say that spring is a time to renew things going on around Read More

How to Speak Irish English

If you’re visiting Ireland this Paddy’s Day (or maybe just your local Irish pub!) then be prepared; the craic will be 90, everyone will be throwing shapes and make sure you don’t act the maggot or else you’ll just make a hames of the night. Still following? No? Thank goodness you found us then! For such Read More

Cambio Safety Tips for Guests

GoCambio takes safety very seriously, and while the likelihood of things going wrong is low, we want to make sure that all of our guests are prepared in case something does happen. Here are some tips to ensure that both you and your host feel secure during the cambio so that you can focus on spending quality time Read More

10 French Expressions You Won’t Find in a Phrase Book

A French phrase book can teach you how to order a croissant or find your way to ‘la gare’ (the train station) but it’s only by talking to locals that you’ll learn how people really express themselves. Prepare for your upcoming trip to France by hosting a French guest and practicing some of these phrases Read More

Cambio Safety Tips for Hosts

Your cambio will most likely go smoothly, but GoCambio takes safety very seriously. We want all of our hosts to be well prepared for the unlikely event of an emergency. Here are our tips for how to minimise the risk that things go wrong and ensure that both you and your guest feel comfortable and secure Read More

10 German Expressions You Won’t Find in a Phrase Book

In every language you’ll find a few expressions that native speakers are used to but sound a little bit odd to other people. The German language can sometimes be seen as a bit rude, but after reading these phrases you’ll realise how funny the German language can be! Surely a few of these will make you smile. Here are 10 Read More

GoCambio Stories: Teaching Spanish through Photography in the Rockies

Paloma de la Fuente – a music fan and photojournalist from Madrid, Spain – went on an overseas cambio to Evergreen, USA, staying with her lovely Host family – and a Paraguayan guest! In exchange for their warm welcome, Paloma spent some time helping the four kids with basic photography and Spanish. Keep reading and Read More

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